Filtering the noise. A user generated selection of quality electronic inspired events and releases.

About The Beat Manifesto

The Beat Manifesto

The Beat Manifesto is a user generated events and releases platform tailored to suit your likes and preferences. You can upload any event or release to the site for absolutely free.

Signing in with Facebook or Twitter helps you to tailor the events and releases you see to suit your tastes. We do not store or share any sensitive information about you, but use this mechanism to help you tailor your manifesto and experience. No information about you or what you view on the site will be shared on facebook or anywhere else.

You can add any event or release for free to the site, simply by hitting Submit Listing on the front page. You need to register with either Facebook or Twitter login to submit these listings so that you can then amend them at a later date. Please be sure to include as much information and links on the listings. Any new artists you add will be updated with full biog info. If you want to let us know any particular artist information please email artists@thebeatmanifesto.com


Want to amend or claim an artist page?

If you are admin of the artist Facebook page you will automatically be able to amend the artist page by signing in with your Facebook profile. If you aren't admin but would still like to claim the page please get in touch with us at artists@thebeatmanifesto.com and we'll let you know how you can verify yourself to claim. Similarly if you'd like to claim an event listed on the site to make amendments please get in touch with us and we'll arrange this too.